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About Our Coffee and Tea
Coffee Classics coffee comes from the classic growing areas of the world. Many of our coffees like our Colombian Supremo, La Minita Estate (Costa Rica), Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Kenya AA, Kona Fancy, Jamaican Blue Mountain, Guatemalan Antigua, Mexican Altura and others are single origin coffees and represent the best examples of their type. Our great coffees come from mountainous areas having just the right weather conditions and volcanic soil. It is high grown, generally 3000 to 6000 feet above sea level. It is all arabica and comes from farms so inaccessible that only agile workers and their animals can reach the trees to tend them and pick the ripe coffee fruit by hand. The workers return to the same tree several times during the season picking only the ripe fruit. It is a lot of work, but it's the only way to produce great coffee!
Specialty coffee represents a tiny fraction of the coffee produced around the world. It is grown by farmers who take great pride in their product. After picking and processing, the green coffee beans are exported to our roaster and expertly roasted, (an art as much as science) to bring out the coffee's best qualities. Our coffee is  small batch roasted to reveal each coffee's best characteristics.
Our flavored coffees are based on high quality specialty coffee beans which are skillfully flavored to produce a delicious cup of coffee which maintains the wonderful taste of great coffee, enhanced with your favorite flavors, like Amaretto, French Vanilla, Hazelnut Cream, Irish Cream, Tiramisu and many others.
Check our Tea Info page to see our wide selection of specialty teas. You will find loose leaf tea, teabag teas including PG Tips, black teas, green tea, oolong tea. You will also find flavored teas and decaf teas like Apricot and Blackberry as well as descriptions and interesting facts about tea.








About Us

Coffee Classics, a family owned business, has been providing top quality coffee and tea to our customers for over 25  years. Over a million customers were served by us from our Penn Square Mall store. Now, we proudly serve you from this web based store.

The Coffee Classics store at Penn Square Mall
 about 1999

We served a lot customers in this store. Many of them are still with us. Joining them are the great folks we have met through this web store. Thanks to all of you for your support!






           Our first store at Penn Square Mall about 1991

The lady is my wife / partner / and best friend. Sharon was very particular about the store and here she is doing what she loved to do, keeping the store looking neat, clean and orderly. She selected, purchased and directed the placement of all of the merchandise. She had an unusual ability to know what was on hand, what and how much was needed. She was "Mom" to many of the young folks that worked at Coffee Classics and the mall. They could ask any question knowing it would be strictly between them and that  her answer was always trustworthy. Our customers too, sensed her genuine honesty and trustworthiness. Her word was good. She was the best friend one could have.

Sharon is gone now, ( 2010 ) and greatly missed by all of us.

At Coffee Classics, we search for the best coffee and tea examples from the world's great producing regions. These coffees and teas are carefully tended and processed by the growers. Our coffee is then roasted to our specification, providing a full range of roasts: Full Flavor, Dark, French and Espresso (Italian) roasts. We have a roast to suit your palate.

While there are many coffee sources today, our customers come back to us time after time. They like our coffee and tea for the consistent high quality, good taste and selection as well as our friendly and courteous service. We look forward to serving you! 

Coffee Classics is SPECIALTY coffee & tea.  Reward yourself with Coffee Classics coffee and tea, today!



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