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La Minita Estate Coffee

La Minita Estate Coffee is grown, carefully tended and processed at La Minita Estate in the Tarrazu district of Costa Rica. It is rare and hand sorted.  Many coffee lovers consider La Minita one of the world's best coffees because it is consistently superior. We have offered this coffee for many years and customers come back time after time commenting on the overall quality and great taste of this special coffee. It is one of our favorites. A La Minita Estate brochure is sent with your order.

     "Hacienda La Minita’s flagship trademark coffee, called “La Minita,” is taken only from the first-quality
      selection of each stage in the process and is finished with a unique hand cleaning.  This final step takes a
      virtually perfect product and, with over 30,000 worker hours of effort, transforms it into the very special
      coffee that is bagged for export as La Minita."    Russell Kramer,  Hacienda La Minita

Regular Only.

Coffee: Single Origin, (Costa Rica) High Grown, Arabica, Only ripe coffee cherries are picked, sorted by hand until only the most perfect coffee remains, carefully and properly processed, limited distribution, available from selected accounts only.

Roast: Full Flavor Roast

Taste Profile: Mild, Rich, Smooth, Balanced

Ripe coffee "cherries" ready to pick.

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